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The Mandalorian Chapter 21: The Pirate

April 03, 2023 Breaking Canon Episode 85
Breaking Canon Podcast
The Mandalorian Chapter 21: The Pirate
Show Notes

Is The Mandalorian back on track? It certainly appears that way when we break down The Pirate on the latest episode of the show. After reaching the halfway point with last week's disappointing The Foundling, we feared this season might be in big trouble. Fortunately, this week's fantastic chapter of the show corrected course in spectacular Mando fashion. We talk about the glorious return - and last stand - of Gorian Shard, the pirate king, and praise his quintessential Star Wars goofiness. Elsewhere, we talk about the return of another fan favorite, New Republic Captain Carson Teva, and discuss the incorporation of additional Rangers of the New Republic material into this season of the show. And finally, we deconstruct the thrilling, action-filled final battle on Navarro between the Mandalorians and the pirates. All of this and much more on The Breaking Canon Podcast!

Breaking Canon Rating: 8.0/10

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