Breaking Canon Podcast

Back to the Future Part III

February 27, 2023 Breaking Canon Episode 79
Breaking Canon Podcast
Back to the Future Part III
Show Notes

On the latest episode of the podcast, we're going back in time to the wild west for one last adventure with Doc and Marty! We break down the third and final installment in Robert Zemeckis's classic trilogy with a wide-ranging discussion of this sci-fi western classic. We talk about the film's legacy as the concluding chapter of this time-travel saga, and discuss the many ways it might be stronger than its reputation suggests. Elsewhere, we praise the film's effort to deepen the bond between Doc and Marty, as well as expanding on their individual character arcs. And finally, we say goodbye to this franchise by celebrating Zemeckis and Gale's insistence to end the series on this note, reinforcing its legacy as one of the great movie trilogies. All of this and more as we conclude our Back to the Future series!

Breaking Canon Rating: 9.0/10

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