Breaking Canon Podcast

Back to the Future

February 13, 2023 Breaking Canon Episode 77
Breaking Canon Podcast
Back to the Future
Show Notes

This week, the Breaking Canon Podcast is going back in time for a new miniseries covering Robert Zemeckis's iconic time travel trilogy, Back to the Future! We begin our series with the 1985 original, exploring the film's classic story and characters. We discuss our history with the movie, and praise its effectiveness as a crowd-pleasing blockbuster decades after its release. We talk about Michael J. Fox's classic portrayal of Marty McFly, and explore the history behind his casting. We also discuss the bizarre, delightful acting choices of Christopher Lloyd as franchise favorite, Doc Brown. Elsewhere, we break down the movie's elaborate plotting, and the tightness of its script. Few films in the history of movies match Back to the Future's perfect blend of inventiveness, comedy, suspense and heart. We salute this all-time classic on our latest episode!

Breaking Canon Rating: 9.7/10

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