Breaking Canon Podcast

Terminator: Dark Fate

February 06, 2023 Breaking Canon Episode 76
Breaking Canon Podcast
Terminator: Dark Fate
Show Notes

This week on The Breaking Canon Podcast, we're bringing our Terminator series to a close with a discussion of 2019's Dark Fate. We take a look at the franchise's latest attempt to rejuvenate the series, and unpack the various reasons why the film failed to launch a new trilogy. Elsewhere, we discuss the effectiveness of the new characters, and break down their positive and negative aspects. We praise the glorious return of Linda Hamilton as her iconic Sarah Connor character, and we celebrate Arnold Schwarzenegger's return-to-form as the T-800. Finally, we talk about the return of franchise creator James Cameron, and speculate about where this franchise can go from here. Tune in for all of this and much, much more on our latest episode! 

Breaking Canon Rating: 5.3/10

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