Breaking Canon Podcast

Terminator Genisys

January 30, 2023 Breaking Canon Episode 75
Breaking Canon Podcast
Terminator Genisys
Show Notes

On the latest episode of the pod, our Terminator series continues with a discussion of 2015's Genisys. We talk about the long-awaited return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to the franchise, and weigh in on whether it lives up to the highs of the original films. Elsewhere, we attempt to wrap our heads around the film's extensive use of time travel, and try to make sense of its impact on established canon. We also break down the film's casting choices, including a brand new ensemble of actors playing classic Terminator characters, from Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese to Emilia and Jason Clarke as Sarah and John Conner. All of this and so much more on The Breaking Canon Podcast! 

Breaking Canon Rating: 4.7/10

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