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December 12, 2022 Breaking Canon Podcast Episode 69
Breaking Canon Podcast
Show Notes

This week on The Breaking Canon Podcast, we're departing from a galaxy far, far away while we wait for new Star Wars content in 2023, and setting our course for Pandora! We're going deep into the world of James Cameron's Avatar with a discussion of his 2009 mega-blockbuster. We look back at the film's initial release and reflect on our reactions to it at the time. Has Cameron's 3D sci-fi epic gotten better since its theatrical release? Or does its impact diminish on the small screen? Later, we talk about the groundbreaking technology that brought the world of Pandora to life, and speculate about how Cameron might change the game yet again with its sequel, The Way of Water. All of that, plus new categories!

Breaking Canon Rating: 9.3/10

James Callahan [Twitter: @nahallacsemaj]
Julius Freeman [Twitter: @A_Lucid_Comic]
Julz Saito [Twitter: @julzsaito]

Brian Wood [Twitter/Instagram]

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