Breaking Canon Podcast

Andor Episode 12: Rix Road

November 28, 2022 Breaking Canon Podcast Episode 67
Breaking Canon Podcast
Andor Episode 12: Rix Road
Show Notes

This week on the pod, we're breaking down the climactic season finale of the best Star Wars show to date, Andor. We reflect on the show's impeccable world building and character work throughout the season, and praise the finale's ability to properly pay off everything that's come before. We talk about the big Ferrix uprising, and celebrate the episode's stunning action. Elsewhere, we explore what we want to see in season two, as well as our hopes for Andor's influence on future Star Wars content in general. The hierarchy of the Star Wars universe will never be the same, as Andor has revealed the untapped potential of this franchise going forward. We say goodbye to this excellent season of television reinvigorated by the possibilities!

Breaking Canon Rating: 9.7/10

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