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Andor Episode 9: Nobody's Listening!

November 07, 2022 Breaking Canon Podcast Episode 64
Breaking Canon Podcast
Andor Episode 9: Nobody's Listening!
Show Notes

Nobody's Listening! - but we hope you'll be listening, to the latest episode of the pod, that is! This week, we're talking all about the ninth installment of Andor. We break down the Empire's disturbing interrogation methods, and wonder if Lt. Meero is still a character worth rooting for. But we know who is rooting for Lt. Meero: everyone's favorite Bureau of Standards fuel purity officer, Syril Karn! We go deep on Meero and Karn's cringy second encounter, and speculate about where their relationship might be headed. Elsewhere, we dive into the glorious change of heart of our favorite new Andy Serkis Star Wars character, Kino Loy. All of this and much, much more on the Breaking Canon Podcast! 

Breaking Canon Rating: 9.3/10

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