Breaking Canon Podcast

Andor Episode 7: Announcement

October 24, 2022 Breaking Canon Podcast Episode 62
Breaking Canon Podcast
Andor Episode 7: Announcement
Show Notes

We're halfway through this season of Andor and somehow this series is only getting better? On the latest episode of the show, we discuss the aftermath of the Aldhani heist and walkthrough the seismic impact it's had on the lives of our ensemble. We break down the Empire's response to the payroll robbery and celebrate the show's delicious irony and unexpected twists. Elsewhere, we praise the riveting sequences of Luthen's assistant walking around Coruscant; argue whether the Mothma's marriage has a chance; reconsider Luthen's methods and reevaluate his intentions. All of this and more on another exciting edition of The Breaking Canon Podcast. 

Breaking Canon Rating: 9.7/10

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