Breaking Canon Podcast

Andor Episode 4: Aldhani

October 03, 2022 Breaking Canon Podcast Episode 59
Breaking Canon Podcast
Andor Episode 4: Aldhani
Show Notes

This week on the pod we're breaking down the fourth episode of the Disney Plus Star Wars series, Andor. In our wide-ranging discussion, we spend time praising instant franchise MVP Luthen Rael, and celebrate Stellan Skarsgard's stellar performance. Elsewhere, we talk about the long-awaited return to Coruscant, the "Capital of the Galaxy," and discuss the changes the city planet has undergone since the prequels. Finally, we debate whether our titular hero Cassian Andor is as compelling as the ensemble of new characters show creator Tony Gilroy has populated around him. All of that and so much more on the Breaking Canon Podcast! 

Breaking Canon Rating: 9.0/10

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